Past Spotlights

  • Summer 2020

    Summer 2020

    Sarah Horowitz

    50 ml spray bottle


    Clean. Crisp. Easy


    White tea, fresh cut grass, fig, neroli, white amber and oceanic musk.

    Now, with the world going mad and the division and confusion abounding, Sarah wanted a fragrance as fresh as the world after a cleansing rain, or a solitary walk in a field of grass and a cool breeze caressing your warm skin. It is the scent of the present moment where anything is possible, where your dreams can take lift, where your action can produce result. It is only in THE NOW that we can truly live, truly experience anything at all. This uncomplicated fragrance will be the canvas for the anything you want to create.


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  • Spring 2020 - Hand Sanitizer

    Spring 2020 - Hand Sanitizer

    ST Mountains by Scent Trunk


    For this Indie Spotlight, we decided to switch gears and showcase the agility of independent brands. Rather than releasing a fragrance this spring quarter, we developed our own Hand Sanitizer to help aide in public efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted something calming, yet easy and cleansing. Rachel - our Scent Specialist and Fragrance Council member whipped this blend up just for you!


    Calabrian Bergamot - French Lavender (var. Diva) - Texas Cedarwood

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  • Winter 2020 - Telegrama

    Winter 2020 - Telegrama

    Telegrama by Josh Meyer


    Inspired by a vintage first-class experience, this plush scent has the ability to turn even the most ordinary day into something dignified and memorable. Indulge often.


    Talc, Lavender Absolute, Black Pepper, Teak, Amyris, Vanilla Powder, Fresh Linens

    Separated when they were nineteen but forever tethered to hope, two Argentinian lovers, manage to stay in touch even as the world pulls them further and further apart. Persuasive messages, some of which take months to reach their recipient, dramatically alter the course of each of their lives but the time that passes between communications has a way of unraveling even the best-laid plans. Aboard a transatlantic flight many years later, the two are serendipitously united but the repercussions of this much-anticipated convergence could have global consequences.

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  • Fall 2019

    Fall 2019

    Bruno Fazzolari

    30 ml spray bottle


    Cozy evenings - Aperitif - Sunday in the park - Sun-dappled shade.


    Pink Grapefruit, green leaves, Carrot Seed, Osmanthus, Jasmine, White Musk, setting plaster.

    Inspired by the burnished colors of classic fresco painting: juicy grapefruit and apricot laced through with green leaves and an unusual, fresh setting plaster note. Luscious and radiant.

    Visit About→Perfumers to learn more about Bruno & Fzotic Perfumes

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