About Tanaïs:

Wildflowers are my muse. They grow free, wild and everywhere, lighting up coastal cliffs, highways, concrete and meadows. I've always been drawn to people who embody this freedom of spirit.

I'm a writer and novelist who explores culture, feminism and fiction. As most perfumers will tell you, scents are stories. This is what draws me to creating my perfume and body care collections: they are little stories, encapsulating a vibe, a vista, a place or time we wish would linger. A way we want to feel--joyous, centered, grounded.

Hi wildflower is a botanical library of my olfactory experiences and healing formulations that combine exquisite natural ingredients with Herbalism + Ayurvedic knowledge. My study came alive through the writing and research of my debut novel, bright lines (penguin, august 2015). The trees and flowers of Brooklyn, my home, and Bangladesh, my motherland, are continual poetic, visual, sensual and botanical inspirations for my creations.