Who is Scent Trunk?

Scent Trunk was founded in 2015 by Will Yin and Richard Smale to combat the growing disconnect between product and consumer in the fragrance market. In May 2018 Scent Trunk was acquired by Perfumer's Apprentice, an independent fragrance house.



  • Retail spaces can become overwhelming, giving shoppers decision fatigue with sometimes pushy sales staff.
  • Fragrances tend to smell the same (seasonal/trend based).
  • Most branded fragrances are made by a ­­­­­­­­­small elite group of perfumers with specific commercial styles, whose work can only be differentiated by branding and celebrity endorsements.


Our Solution:

  • Affordable direct-to-consumer fragrance – designed by you.
  • Translation of customer expectation to perfumer’s expertise.
  • Education, at-home evaluation, and interactive design.



Who is Perfumer’s Apprentice?

In 2018, Scent Trunk was acquired by Perfumer’s Apprentice, a privately owned company. Perfumer’s Apprentice has been a supplier of natural and synthetic fragrance ingredients and an educational resource to fragrance enthusiasts, artisan perfumers and DIY perfume hobbyists since 2004.


Perfumer’s Apprentice was the first e-commerce company to serve as an ingredient source for artisan and independent perfumers. By offering the same high-grade professional ingredients used by the most distinguished perfume houses in the world, we facilitated fair competition with major brands on a global scale.


Sharing the vision and purpose of founders Yin and Smale, Perfumer’s Apprentice is committed to continuing the spirit of quiet disruption by cultivating a culture of transparency around this innately personal art.


Fragrance is personal

Fragrance is the most powerful accessory because the part of our brain that detects smells is also responsible for emotions and memories. A familiar scent can trigger fond memories and evoke strong feelings from the past. Our unique approach to fragrance allows you to create a lasting impression for any occasion.

Artful Formulas

We develop our fragrances in-house, partnering with independent artisan perfumers from all over the world. Inspiration for our fragrances comes from everything – from botanicals and cuisine to fashion, design and architecture. We combine your feedback with our expertise to influence each unique design.


Your Nose Knows

We make the experience accessible to anyone with a sense of smell and interest in fragrance. We offer the test kit so that you don’t need to be a fragrance expert. You evaluate and our lab will handle the rest. If you have an in-depth expectation of your preferences, you can always let us know.