The Mission

To create a new standard in fragrance by offering uniquely crafted fragrances that are  formulated by Independent Perfumers with transparent formulas and interactive ingredient learning.


Our Vision

To lead the future of fragrance with our ethos of transparency, fact-based education and individualized sensory expression.

Perfumery is an art form, and wearing perfume is an inherently personal expression. We give our customers a say in what is designed, while elevating independent artist perfumers, thereby building community. Each Scent Trunk fragrance will forge a connection through scent, completely free from corporate input or mass market consumer targeting.

Traditional perfume brands and major retailers sell you fragrances that are designed by a small and elite group of perfumers (same chef, different restaurant). These perfumes are created to appeal to the lowest common denominator of consumer preference.

At Scent Trunk, we believe this market-driven model dulls the transformative nature of fragrance, so we aim to be different.