NAME: Elisabeth Hanson

KNOWN ALIASES: Thin Lizzy (Roller Derby), Lis

STATUS: Resident Curator - Scent Trunk

OCCUPATION:  QC & Regulatory Affairs at Perfumer’s Apprentice

FAVORITE MATERIALS: Ylang ylang, Cypriol, Vanillin

In her own words: I’ve become a certified perfume geek and collector! My office is full of tiny perfume sample bottles and I love breaking down my favorite perfumes and seeing what makes them tick.

Favorite perfume experience: My interest in perfume started from a small blurb in Vogue on a DIY natural perfumery class lead by Mandy Aftel. I quickly enrolled in the small one day course and was enraptured. It was so interesting! I was hooked. Soon after, I got a job at Spectrix Labs in Santa Cruz and learned how to deconstruct perfumes by GC/MS.

NOTES:  Anyone (individuals or companies) wanting to understand SDS, IFRA compliance, regulatory or export documents, should hire Lis to make sure none of your products get quarantined or held in customs.